Sunday, June 28, 2009


There's a certain very popular comic book of which this character with the energy-firing eyes that have to be kept behind special lenses used to be the lead. By rights he should still be the lead, but much more attention has been lavished on a certain other character with metal claws that come out of his hands, who is a vulgar, glorified homicidal maniac. (And whom comic book artists never draw as drop-dead gorgeous as the movie version of him.) However, when drawn with the right attention to his brooding masculine beauty and well-honed, well-haired form, this character is one of the sexiest heroes in comics. Here's the classic version of him, the way I used to enjoy him.

Friday, June 19, 2009


For the auction that I just completed this week, I did a new series of images in the Jungle Jon, Prince of the Wild series that got me so jazzed about Jon and the boys that I've decided to revive a project that I had planned a few years ago, but had to discontinue for health reasons that left me unable to keep up with the work. I'll soon be going back into a Jungle Jon, Prince of the Wild Graphic Novel. I just finished a revised plot for it, and it's great! This image of the master of Rainbow Island was inspired by a Spider-Man cover from a few years back! Look for more Jungle Jon here at Quantum Male Art in the near future.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Somewhere among my souvenirs I still have the Marvel Swimsuit Edition magazine that has one of the most beautiful drawings of a male hero that I've ever seen.  It was a shot of this character, lounging in a canoe in just a Speedo in black with stars on it.  It was positively stunning.  In this combination shot, that same character appears in both full costume and in that starry Speedo.  He's named for one of the most distant objects in the universe, but he's definitely someone you prefer to see up close and personal!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


The comic book company that publishes this character--and used to publish him in the form we see here--is taking over the entertainment industry one character and one film at a time. The film starring this character is now in pre-production and its hunky lead has been cast after his brief but high-profile appearance playing Captain Kirk's valiant father in the new Star Trek film. In my opinion the Hollywood physical trainers will have to put the young Australian lad through a Christopher Reeve/Brandon Routh treatment to build him up into the shape to play the God of Thunder, but that's a win/win as far as I can tell. Hunkier is better. I'm looking forward to seeing this film in the next couple of years.