Saturday, October 4, 2008


These are some of the initial drawings in the Jungle Jon, Prince of the Wild series that I sold on eBay. They loosely tell a story of other hot boys arriving or appearing on the mysterious Rainbow Island, of which Jon is the Prince, and Jon coming face to face (among other parts) with his boyfriend Tom for the first time.

SUNDOWN: Here’s Jon, alone on the Island, thinking it might be nice to have someone here to share its beauty with him. As he nods off to sleep in the trees, he’s about to get his wish.
CURIOUS: Tom (the blond) and Lucas (the Pacific Islander) have just appeared on the Island. They’re not quite sure why they’re here, but they might as well enjoy it. They don’t suspect that their arrival has been noticed.
MARK’S WORKOUT: Mark, the exhibitionist/bodybuilder, “pumps iron” with a big log (there’s a phrase loaded with multiple entendres) while Spencer, the swimmer and diver, looks on appreciatively. And he’s not the only one...
COPPERTONE TOM: This piece was inspired by that old Coppertone Sunscreen advertisement with the little girl having the bottom of her bikini pulled down by the frisky little dog. Substitute Tom for the little girl and one of Rainbow Island’s friendly lemurs for the dog, and we’re in business.
COME ON IN!: This is one of my favorites. Rainbow Island has a lot of waterfalls, and waterfalls are one of Spencer’s favorite things. As he dives in, Mark joins right behind him.
FIRST SIGHT: Meanwhile, Tom and Lucas have already made it to the water when the Prince and master of the Island decides to reveal himself. Tom is as smitten with Jon as Jon is with him. And wouldn’t you be?

We'll be checking in Jon and his friends on Rainbow Island from time to time, so be sure to keep surfing back this way!

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