Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Now, anyone who's been near a cinema since May 2008 had better know from which world famous super-hero I derived Techno Man. This ferrous-suited fox is derived from the very first super-hero with whom I ever bonded as a fan. That character is all about human ingenuity: One of the most powerful heroes of the world in which he lives and battles, he actually invented his own powers! I remember very well watching the first adaptation of this character on TV, with that classic theme song that described his alter ego as "...a cool exec with a heart of steel!" It's great that after all these years, my original favorite hero is finally getting his props as the lead character of one of last year's biggest hit films--whose sequel will undoubtedly be among the biggest hits of 2010. To paraphrase that theme: "Amazing armor! That's Techno Man! A blazing power! That's Techno Man!"

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