Sunday, December 7, 2008


Hi again:

We took last week off from posting for the Thanksgiving holiday, but now we’re back with something special. Every year I do a super-hero Christmas Card featuring my own characters. On occasion I bring in a character or characters from well-known comics to appear with my heroes. This is one of those years. What we have for the 2009 Holidays is a mock cover for an imaginary issue of Wild Jon (the super-hero version of my eBay creation, Jungle Jon, Prince of the Wild). My Prince Jon is a hero who leaps and swings his way through the “concrete canyons” of Manhattan. We see him here with a character with whom you may be acquainted, who’s famous for doing the same thing!

As an extra-special treat, I’ve included this Card in three versions. Along with the final Card, you see here the Card in its initial penciled staged and in its initial color stage before the final paste-up and background coloring. All the colors here are digital, by the way--direct from Photoshop!

As Christmas approaches, I hope everyone surfing this Blog is warm, safe, and happy, and will continue to be so into 2009. And yes, we’ll have more goodies here between now and Christmas, so keep coming back!

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