Wednesday, April 22, 2009


For your pleasure this week: One of the most stunning specimens of male beauty on current television, or on television period. This former star of a daytime soap designed to arouse your "Passions" is now starring in a prime-time drama on The CW that is a portrait of a super-hero as a young man. Actually, it's turned out to be the portrait of a number of super-heroes as young men, including a certain character played by the star depicted below, whose aim is always true and whose arrows are always green!

But I'll tell you something: when this star was on daytime TV, there was one thing about him that made him even hotter than he is now: HE DIDN'T SHAVE HIS CHEST! Imagine the superbly beautiful face and the exquisitely beautiful body posing at the pool below--with a growth of lush hair on those perfectly sculpted pecs! This is one of my great complaints about the beautiful men we see on the screen: Why, when nature has endowed them with perfect faces and forms, must they shave off what nature put on their chests? Chest hair on a guy like this is the piece de resistance, and should be kept for all to enjoy and desire! But they keep shaving it off. (I'm looking at you, Matthew Fox on Lost!)

Then again, gratifyingly, sometimes they grow it back. So perhaps there's hope. But for now, just look and imagine...

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